John and son conner planting ranunculus
Joanne and husband tom planting rosemary
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Organic is more than a label on a product. When you work at Kellogg, it’s a family name we represent. That’s why it’s our commitment to make sure every soil, fertilizer and planting mix product in both our Kellogg Garden Organics and G&B Organics brands complies 100% with the USDA’s National Organic Program standards. A lot of companies may hide disclaimers or just ask you to trust that the claims they’re making are real. Not us. At Kellogg, being Organic is not just a claim we make. It’s a truth, verified by two outside agencies. We invite you to learn what goes into making our proven organic gardening products. And how you can put our proven products to work in your organic garden, with complete peace of mind.

Look for provden organic products. Organic Builds Life
Meeting National Organic Program standards.
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