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Organic Builds Life In the SOIL, WATERWAYS and COMMUNITIES.

From May through August we want you to share your Organic Journey with us and twice a month we will pick an Organic Superstar.

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Nominate a School Garden to Win!

School Gardens are growing and we want to help them keep growing.


According, to the USDA 23.6 million students are developing healthy eating habits and learning where their food comes from. Another 16% of school districts surveyed plan to start farm to school activities in the future.  REAL School Gardens — which has built nearly 100 gardens — reports that partner schools have seen a 12 to 15 percent increase in the number of students passing standardized tests — not just those in the garden program, but schoolwide.

Kellogg has always believed that growing minds are nurtured by growing gardens.  That’s why this year we will be donating supplies to a local school garden of each winning submission’s choosing.  There are so many benefits of adding gardens to our communities’ schools. School gardens allow students to learn first-hand about healthy nutrition and environmental stewardship, as well as the lifecycle of plants. They provide experiential and enriching learning opportunities outside the traditional classroom. And lastly, they encourage students to create something beneficial and beautiful, with their own hands!

Organic Builds Life!



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Organic Builds Life. It really does!  Organic builds life in the soil that results in majestic trees, rolling lawns, vibrant flowers, and ripening fruits and vegetables.  The soil does some pretty cool, complicated things too – like working with plants by acting as the local self-storage center for carbon being pulled from the air and balancing that with the output of life-giving oxygen – kind of a big deal, right?

Organic builds life in our waterways.  Organic material in the soil retains more water and reduces run-off – keeping water where the plants need it – with the plant.  Protecting indigenous plant life and wild life in our rivers, lakes and oceans is important to maintaining a healthy ecosystem and minimize the potential for water-borne pests and disease .  This impacts the tiniest critters, all the way up the food chain.  Next to life-giving oxygen, water is our next most important need.

Organic builds life in our families and communities.  Growing your own fruits and vegetables to feed yourself is empowering.  Sharing with your neighbor is one of the greatest and most honorable traditions going back to early man.  And working together making our neighborhood a better neighborhood, makes us better people too!  Whether planting trees in a park or building a school garden to teach the next generation independence, we learn from each other, making our families and communities stronger, from which all of us can benefit.

Make your part of the world a little better.  Organic Builds Life.

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