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Small Space & Container Gardening

Whether you’re a First-Time Gardener looking for the best container gardening tips from the professionals who’ve seen it all, or an experienced gardener browsing just for fun, Kellogg Garden has the container gardening hacks you need for small space gardening in and outside of the home.

Throughout this blog, you’ll get the dirt on container gardening, from strategies for optimizing a small outdoor urban garden and how to start a kitchen garden, to taking advantage of those vertical surfaces all throughout your space! Want to learn How to Start a Garden in an Apartment, or master the art of No-Dig Container Gardening? You’ll learn those things here, too!

Kellogg Garden is on a mission to teach you the benefits of small space gardening anywhere you are. After all, with the best Organic Fertilizers and Organic Soils, anything is possible!

Ready to see what’s possible for your small spaces? Let’s dig in!

What is Container Gardening?

Simply put, container gardening is the practice of growing plants of all kinds exclusively in containers instead of in the ground. Container gardening is popular for city and apartment-dwellers who may not have the yard space or nutrient soil to successfully grow fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, and herbs in the ground.

This small space gardening trick also makes it possible to grow herbs and plants indoors all year round, especially for those who live in gardening zones prone to extreme weather changes or gardeners looking to start a garden on a tight budget. Container gardening is a great way for older or physically disabled individuals to garden without the need to bend down or dig up solid earth, making it a universally friendly gardening style all can benefit from and enjoy from practically any location.

Container Gardening Tip: Use a High-Quality Organic Soil

For your most successful container gardening experience, we recommend using high-quality, organic container gardening soil to support your plants. For instance, the Kellogg Garden Organics™ Raised Bed Soil & Potting Mix is a ready-to-use container gardening soil specially formulated for container plants, with added organic nutrients from kelp meal, poultry manure, and earthworm castings.

Similarly, the Patio Plus Premium Outdoor Potting Mix is a ready-to-use soil cultivated with aged recycled forest products and other organic ingredients for bigger, brighter plants guaranteed. Add some sunlight and water, and your container plants will be blooming before you know it!

Video Tutorials & Container Gardening eBooks

Want expert advice you can watch while you garden? The Kellogg Gardening Youtube Channel features several informational videos perfect for learning “on the job.” You’ll also love our Container Gardening Planting Guide brimming with container gardening tips from the experts who have seen the good, bad, and ugly, all to better serve you.

Find Kellogg Organic Soils At Your Local Retailer

At Kellogg Garden, we take pride in creating the only organic gardening products to not only meet the USDA NOP guidelines but the California Department of Agriculture’s rigorous Organic Input Materials (OIM) review and the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).

You can find Kellogg Organic Soil at your local retailer today to start growing your most fruitful garden ever. Be sure to visit us on Instagram and Facebook for more gardening tips and inspiration, or to show us how you like to use our organic fertilizers and soils at home!

As always, happy gardening!

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