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Surprising Ways to Eat Summer Squash

Freshly spiralised courgette twisting out of a spiraliser onto a heart shaped wooden chopping board. The courgette has been turned into long spaghetti shaped pieces, which look like noodles. A large green courgette is lying beside the chopping board with the top and tail of the courgette that has been used.

I love growing summer squash — zucchini and yellow squash are two of my favorite veggies to accompany warm weather dinners. Last year, I grew tired of simply slicing and sautéing them, so I started looking up different ways to prepare them. Who knew there were so many surprising ways to use squash? And you can thank me now for these ideas, because we all know how prolific squash is come July, don’t we?

squash smoothie

SMOOTHIES – Blend squash in smoothies. Yes, you just read that. We typically add a banana into smoothies to create a good consistency, but squash works equally well. It’s also lower in sugar than a banana, high in potassium, fiber, and vitamins A and C.


  • Tropical Squash Zinger Smoothie – Squash with ginger, turmeric, and orange for a refreshing tropical taste.
  • Banana Berry Greenie Smoothie – Squash with banana, strawberries, and spinach
  • Blueberry Peach Squash Smoothie – Recipe

Need more? 67 Smoothie Recipes with Squash

SQUASH BLOSSOMS – Eat the blossoms. Lots of flowers are edible, and squash blossoms are some of the largest and tastiest. But be careful — you’ll want to harvest only the male blossoms, as the female flowers are the ones that become the fruit. The females are easy to spot with their slight bulge at the base of the bloom where it connects to the stem — leave them and harvest the males. Remove the antlers from the inside, then wash and dry them. Use them as salad garnishes, stuff with rice, herbs, and cheese to cook them, or dip them into

Use Blossoms as:

  • Salad garnishes
  • Stuff with rice, herbs, and cheese to cook them
  • Dip them into batter to fry

SQUASH NOODLES – Turn squash into pasta-like noodles. Spiralizers are popular and make easy and quick work of turning squash and zucchini into tasty noodles.

Preparation Tips:

  • It’s best to roast them in the oven rather than boil like traditional noodles, as boiled noodles leech water out into the rest of the prepared dish.
  • I also love using a vegetable peeler to create long ribbons of raw squash.


  • Toss squash or zucchini noodles in a couple tablespoons of olive oil, season to taste, and add sautéed mushrooms on top for a delicious and healthy meal.
  • Saute squash noodles in olive or avocado oil, add rosemary, salt, pepper, garlic, and a squeeze of lemon.

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