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August can be a bit of a challenging month, can’t it? You’re busy getting the kids back to school, the garden continues its summer harvest (do you have enough zucchini yet?), and the daytime temps range from “there are signs of fall here and there” to “ I can’t stand one more 100° day.” Hang in there! This is a transitional month in many ways; soon enough, your life and your garden will settle into a new fall routine.

In the meantime, have this list at the ready to stay the course — it’s tempting to be very hands’ off when life gets busy and the weather is blistering, but just a few a hours a week can make all the difference when seeing your garden through to the next season. You got this!

Garden Season Prep Goals

  • Fall harvest will be here before you know it — have you planned your pumpkin/fig/apple recipes yet? Start a board on Pinterest to keep track of delicious new dishes to make with your garden’s fall offerings.
  • This was an odd weather year for most of the United States — lots of rain and excessive heat created challenging gardening conditions. Remember to note these trends in your garden journal, adding in any tips and tricks to the future you. I’ll be journaling to remind myself to plant a little earlier next spring to get a head start on my summer harvest.
  • Make sure you have what you need for your fall garden — orders for bulbs and mulch as well as any new tools you may need. Better planning makes for more enjoyable gardening!

Garden Chore Goals

harvesting zucchini
pruning perennials
  • Ensure your garden gets enough water during these hot (and often humid) days — water earlier in the morning, making sure you thoroughly soak the soil, then let it dry out a bit before watering again. Most plants need about 1” of water a week, so make sure you’re giving them what they need.
  • Continue daily harvesting in the veggie garden – It’s easy to miss a few zucchini or peppers when the skin color is the same as the foliage.
  • Share your veggie abundance with your neighbors — others will appreciate your extra squash, tomatoes, or peppers, and you’ll minimize your waste.
  • Continue canning and preserving your harvest – You’ll be glad you did come January and February (Read our article – 5 Tips for Canning the Perfect Salsa )
  • Flowering perennials looking a little bedraggled? – Consider cutting some back by half — this will give your plant a little break and encourage it to set a late season bloom.
  • Remove any plant from the garden that is dead or diseased — Your garden will look neater, and you’ll halt the spread of any disease or pest. Remember, your plants are a little more vulnerable to damage when they’re stressed from the summer heat.
  • Feel free to prune – off any dead or diseased branch from your trees and shrubs, but wait until later in the year to do any significant pruning.
  • Start gathering seeds of plants that are finishing their job for the season — sunflowers, cosmos, summer greens, tomatoes, squash,
  • Start those seeds for your fall garden! – Those cool season greens, winter squash, cool season annuals, broccoli, and cauliflower are ideal candidates for mid/late summer planting.
  • Plant a second round of veggies for fall harvest! – Depending upon where you live, you could successfully plant more tomatoes, squash, greens, broccoli, cauliflower, bush beans, or root veggies. Check with your local garden experts for specific plants and dates.
planting broccoli
squash seeds

Garden Chill Goals

  • Read a good book — Check out our list of Garden Belly Books here: BOOKS TO KEEP YOU GARDENING, PRESERVING, AND EATING
  • Notice when the mornings start to get a little cooler –  It’s a respite for your soul after a long, hot summer!
  • Have a “farewell to summer” evening — Although fall doesn’t officially start until next month, August is “Back to school” month that shifts everything from a laid-back summer vibe to a different
    rhythm and pace. Host one last pool party, BBQ, or happy hour with your garden as the backdrop.
august garden goal digger
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