Prepare Containers for Spring

Preparing for Spring Organic Container Gardening

One of the most popular questions I get on my speaking tour about gardening is, “Do I need to replace the soil in my container when I plant in the spring?” The answer is a decidedly strong YES YES YES! Preparing container gardens and elevated beds for spring planting is all about making sure the soil is fresh, healthy, and ready to grow.

Organic Select Potting Mix with Biochar

How to Handle Spring Soil for Container Gardens and Elevated Beds

Ask this question: Is the container garden or elevated bed shallower than twelve inches?

YES, the container is shallow

  • Dump the soil in your compost bin or in your garden beds
  • Replace completely with your favorite Kellogg Garden Organics Organic Soil

NO, the container is more than twelve inches deep:

  • Dig out the top twelve inches of soil.
  • Dump in a compost bin or garden bed
  • Place three inches of Kellogg Garden Organics Organic Soil in the container
  • Using a trowel, mix the soil well with the layer beneath
  • Fill the rest of the container, leaving one inch of room at the very top of the container for watering purposes

Prepare Elevated BedsPlanting Your Container

Next, it is time to plant up that container. In the photos you see how easy it is to plant a Swiss Chard ‘Bali’ plant in my elevated bed. Once I get the soil installed properly, it is time for soil amendments. I used Kellogg Garden Organics Organic Select Potting Mix Formulated with BiocharMax this time but you can use any Kellogg Garden Organics container or potting soil with ease. Typically, I add at least one part rotted manure, a cup or two of worm castings, and organic fertilizer according to package directions. Then I loosen the roots of the plant and snuggle it right down in my special container filled chock full of organic love.

Add Organic Soil Amendments

Preparing container gardens and elevated beds for spring planting is simple – prepare your container gardens with fresh soil and expect wonderful growing results!


Want More? Check out our spring garden planting checklist video below!


About the Author:

Shawna Coronado

Shawna Coronado is a successful author, blogger, photographer, and media host who focuses on wellness by teaching green lifestyle living, organic gardening, and anti-inflammatory culinary. Most recently Shawna has written the books, “The Wellness Garden” and “101 Organic Gardening Hacks”. Shawna campaigns for social and community good – her garden, food, and eco adventures have been featured in many media venues including television news programming, radio broadcasting, and PBS television. You can learn more about Shawna at

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